How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

Have you ever wondered is it too often to wash a dog once a week. You probably have if you take enough care of your lovely puppy.

The most common advice you see on the Internet tells you that your dog should be bathed just several times per year! For some pet owners, this can be quite a big surprise.

Today, we are going to help you answer the question: How often should you wash your dog?

How Ofte​n To Wash Your Dog Is Up To You

Nowadays, many people find it important to bathe their pets regularly, including dogs. Of course, dogs enjoy shampoos and conditioners that are similar to the best human shampoos. These lotions should have no or minimal chemicals so that they will not harm the dogs. Others might argue that washing dogs too often can strip the coat of natural oils.

Your dog needs those natural oils to stay soft and silky, and especially to avoid getting brittle and damaged.

The Answer For How Often A Dog Should Be Bathed Is That It Depends. 

Consider Following Questions Then Find Out Your Own Answer:

1. Does Your Dog Live Indoors or Outdoors? Does Your Dog Sleep with You in Your Bed?

It is essential that your dog is often washed if it lives in your house, especially if sleeps on your bed. The frequency ranges from once a week to once a month, depending which breed your dog is.

In this way, your house will become cleaner and disease-free with no dirt, flea, poop or insects on your sofa, your bed or your reading room.

2. What Breed Is Your Dog?

How often you should wash your dog depends on dog’s breed and coat. Followings are some common breeds:

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    Dogs with harsh-textured coats, like Shelties and Collies, can be washed every month or less frequently. This is because their fur repels dirt quite easily, not like other soft coat breeds.
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    Dogs without undercoats or dogs that don't shed (Maltese, Yorkies, Afghans, and Shitzus) can be bathed every week.
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    Dogs with an oily coat, for example Basset Hounds, need bathing as frequently as once a week.
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    The short-haired and smooth coat breeds, like Beagles and Weimaraners, should not be bathed too frequently; as less as possible.
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    Dogs with water-repellent coats, like Golden Retrievers and Great Pyrenees should be washed sometimes in order to protect their natural oils.
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    Dogs with thick and double coats, like Samoyed, Malamutes, and any other Northern breeds, should be brushed more than bathed. This helps dispose loose and dead hair, and producing natural oils.

3. Is There Anyo​​​​ne Allergic to Dogs in Your House?

If there is any member of your family having allergies to dogs, your dogs should be groomed and bathed as often as possible. By doing that, you can remove the dander that accumulates on your dog’s fur.

4. What Does Your Dog Do Every Day?

For some dogs, they just want to go around your house and do nothing. Others are more active with ‘dirtier’ activities like digging holes, playing in the sand and dirt areas, or simply fighting and kidding with their fellows. Some even sniffing butts, eating poop or drooling.

5. Does Your Dog Suffer from Itching?

It is good to know that unlike humans, dogs absorb all the allergens through their skin instead of noses, and mouths. These allergens, if not cleaned and removed correctly, can cause itching, redness, and even skin diseases.

Weekly bathing for these dogs can prevent itchiness and any potential diseases.


To conclude, it is recommended that you bathe your dog with normal skin every month with dog shampoo. If you want to wash it more frequently, for example, twice a month, you can use a soap-free or moisturizing shampoo to make sure your dog’s skin does not get dry. Unless there is a diagnosis from your vet, never wash your dog more than once a week.

It is necessary for your dog to be clean and free of disease. However, it depends on a lot of factors for how often you should wash your dog.

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