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How Many Teeth Does An Adult Dog Have?

Sometimes we get a good glimpse at our dog’s teeth and there sure does seem to be a lot of them. A common question which runs through most dog owners head at some point is “how many teeth does an adult dog have?” It’s not a complicated question, but you’d be surprised at the answer. Quick […]

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Can I Give My Dog Melatonin? Is It Safe?

It seems there’s been a recent trend in using melatonin to treat a plethora of issues relating to dog’s health. There’s even tablets meant specifically for dogs, which can raise some interesting questions for the curious canine owner, “Can I give my dog melatonin?” and “Why should I give my dog melatonin?”. Thankfully, there’s plenty of science-based information […]

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Why Is My Dog Pooping Blood?

If you’ve noticed blood in your dog’s feces, you’re probably quite concerned. Asking yourself “Why is my dog pooping blood?” is probably the first thing you’ve done. Thankfully, unlike humans, dogs can poop blood for a wide variety of reasons and it’s not always serious. Since the reasons can vary so widely, few of these […]

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