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Top 13 Best Halloween Costumes For Dogs 2017

Alright folks, Halloween is coming up and that means that it’s time for costumes. Thankfully for us, there’s a lot of stuff out there to help us get out canine companions into the right mood for the spookiest day of the year as well.

Let’s get right into things, and take a look at Top 13 Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs 2017 that are sure to suit every Mutt, Pooch, and purebred out there this October season. They might not quite get what’s going on, but you sure will and your delight at shoving them into a themed costume is sure to get their tails wagging.

1) Pikachu

In case you just can’t get enough cute out of your dog as-is, this flannel Pikachu costume is sure to turn heads and delight the neighborhood, as long as you don’t let any pesky Pokemon Go players try throwing Pokéballs at it.

With the right small dog, say a corgi or a Yorkshire terrier, you’ve got yourself a double dose of cute going on and your costumed canine is sure to love the attention they’ll be getting.

Pikachu Pet Dog Clothes

2) Lion Mane - Best Seller Dog Halloween Costumes 2015

Let’s face it, unless you own an Akita already there’s a lot of times you just wish your dog looked more like a lion. It’s okay, it’s human nature. With this mane, you can make it a reality and transform your pet into the spitting image of one of nature’s greatest predators.

While it might make a fierce looking display on some dogs, we think it’d look best on a large, lanky dog like a Great Dane in order to add some menace to their appearance.

Lion Mane for Dog, Dogloveit Dog Costume

3) Pirates of the Carribean, for Dogs

This pirate costume will have your pooch looking dapper and ready to pillage his way across English mercantile boats in the Carribean during the Golden Age of Piracy. From the front you’ll be able to admire his stylish new clothing, his fierce cutlass and the hook he used to replace the hand he lost while engaging with a Man O’War.

We don’t recommend completing this outfit with a parrot unless your dog already has an established relationship with the bird in question.

This one’s mainly for smaller dogs, but if you know that your dog dreams of a time when men savaged each other over cargo holds full of spices then you already know what to do.

Dog Costume Pirates of the Caribbean

4) Wonder Woman

With the Wonder Woman movie coming out there’s been a surge of interest in the premier female super hero of DC. The costume looks just like the old style of the comics, complete with golden tiara and red and blue clothing. It lacks a Lasso of Truth, however, and it won’t give your dog super powers.

This costume comes recommended for dogs about the size of a bulldog and you can probably get away with ignoring traditional gender roles while using it. Stick a male dog in it and join the ranks of those who believe in equality while actually doing nothing since your dog won’t care.

Either way, it’s a fabulous costume and will make your dog a hit at your Halloween party.

Rubies Costume DC Heroes and Villains Collection Pet Costume

5) Superman

If you think that dressing up your dog to be the Mutt of Steel is appealing, then there’s a costume for your dog. This one will have your dog looking just like Superman, albeit superman generally shaved his face a little bit more often than your dog does.

Apart from the facial hair, your dog and everyone’s favorite Kryptonian will be essentially interchangeable for the night. Well, and the super powers, but imagine how tired you’d get throwing a ball for a dog that can move at hundreds of miles per hour.

Superhero Costume for Dog

6) Triceratops

Do you wish your dog was really a dinosaur? If so, you’ll be more than pleased to add a set of horns and a big frill to his head for the night in order to make him look like a triceratops.

Headpiece costumes are is large dogs Halloween costumes,, and we strongly recommend throwing one on a mastiff or other powerful, large canine in order to complete the illusion and make sure the neighborhood’s children find out why Jurassic Park traumatized a generation of young Americans.

Triceratops Dog Halloween Costumes

7) Poncho!

If you’ve ever wished that your dog came from south of the border, then you’ve found just the right costume. Be a bit careful where you take your dog with this one, however, as it might border a little bit on cultural appropriation. By which we mean some people may get offended.

There’s an easy way to avoid that, however, just make sure that you stick it on a Chihuahua or Xolo and you can claim that you’re just exposing them to their heritage.

But, in all seriousness, the costume is pretty cute and there’s a size available for almost any dog.
Costume Halloween for Dogs Poncho!

8) Batman

A wise man once said, “Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman.” While few of us have the billions of dollars and advanced training needed to be Gotham’s premier crime fighter, our dogs are better equipped to take up the mantle of the Dark Knight than we will ever be.

This Batman costume is the old school sort, back to when the man in the mask wore grey and black with yellow trim as opposed to many of the newer designs. While it’s not a complete costume, it does come in sizes appropriate for most dogs and the ears are fantastic.

Help your city out now, or at least let your dog enjoy the attention due to a canine rendition of a classic hero.

Costume DC Heroes Dogs Halloween Customes Batman

9) Ghostbuster

Who you gonna call? Well, probably not your dog since very few of us actually set up a mobile plan for our pets and they couldn’t use a phone anyways since they lack thumbs, but with this costume you can let your pooch look like one of the classic Ghostbusters, complete with the pack needed to power their equipment.

It comes in sizes for almost any dog and it’s a classic look. If you’re a fan of the films, old or new, then it might be just the thing you’re looking for to prop your pet up this Halloween.

Ghostbusters Movie Collection Pet Costume

10) Sushi

Hey, if you can’t think of anything else for a costume there’s always food. This costume will have your dog looking like a basic sushi roll in no time, and might just make them the hit of the party as long as no one gets too drunk and tries to take a bite.

Like many of these costumes, it can be sized for quite a few dogs but the best ones for it will be predominately white breeds since it’ll complete the illusion of a sushi roll.

Sushi Dogs Halloween Costume

11) A Couple Carrying a Pumpkin

You did in fact read that right. Dog costumes have reached an outrageous pitch, with nearly anything you can think of being available. If you’ve ever dreamed of dressing your dog up like a butler carrying a giant pumpkin in an awkward position while a maid helps them out then you’ve got a weird imagination.

You’re also in luck. This is the kind of costume which will have people scratching their heads then bursting out into laughter and that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s mainly for smaller dogs, and be sure to pick your size carefully or the imagery just won’t look right. It’s creative, fantastic, and weird which is pretty much everything you could ask for with a pet costume.

Carrying Pumpkin Halloween Christmas Gift, Funny Dog Clothes for Small Dogs

12) Bucking Bronco With a Rider

While the last costume is a bit odd, this one is fantastic. It will give the illusion of your dog being a cowboy’s steed, and your dog is sure to complete the illusion by trying to get at the small, plush man now riding on his back.

It’s funny, pretty simple, and cute. The cowboy rides your dog, your dog has a good time, you and your friends laugh. Give it a shot this Halloween, but be aware this one is mostly made for smaller dogs.

Use a dog with brown or black fur for the best results, but pretty much any dog is sure to be a hit while wearing the costume.

Dog Halloween Cowboy Funny Costume Dog Riders Clothes

13) Minions

Minions have been all the rage since the second Despicable Me movie came out and this pet costume looks great. It’s officially licensed as well, so you know it’s a good quality item.

If you’ve ever wanted your dog to look like one of the yellow protagonists from the movie then you’re sure to be thrilled with this costume. Sizes are available for pretty much any dog, but those with blonde or white hair are most likely to look really good in it.

Either way, your dog is going to love the extra attention he gets from children while wearing it and it’s not always about you, is it?

Minion Stuart Arms Pet Suit


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